Why is there no picture on my TV?

Many inputs on a TV set means that more than one external device can be connected at the same time. e.g.: DVD, Blu-ray, decoders ETC…

Most of the time customers do not select the correct input source. e.g.: DVD player is connected on AV1 and the customer selects any other input beside AV1, they will not get any picture on the screen.

To select the input – Press source and select the correct input. E.g. AV1, AV2, HDMI1, HDMI2, ETC. If you on TV mode the tuned in channel need to be selected. EG CH1, CH2, CH3, ETC.

If still no picture is on the TV set – Check input and if external device is connected correctly and is switched ON.

If the customer uses TV (input) they would need to tune in the TV channels. When the TV set is switched OFF and ON – it will go to the last viewed channel.

Note: If the AV, HDMI input is selected and you press menu the TUNING option cannot be selected.

If all above is correct and still faulty, the TV set SHOULD BE BOOKED WITH THE NEAREST HISENSE SERVICE CENTRE

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