Why is my picture not working on HD?

  • Swap the existing cable with a “known-good” working cable.
  • Remove any HDMI switch boxes / repeaters and try connecting directly.
  • Restart the TV and external device in this order to force a new HDCP query from the external device. Sometimes the (connecting points – top left), Hotplug detect scheme doesn’t work properly.
  • As a last resort, swap / flip the cable around. (connect the side from the TV to the external device and side from external device to the TV set). Sometimes the HDMI cable gives a defect that causes it to be “directional.

Note*There are a lot of different types of HDMI cables and they all can affect the picture displayed a TV screen. The first thing to do when the picture is not clear / no picture and there is a HDMI cable connected from external device to the TV set (lines on screen/no/picture/colour/white spots/etc.)Check if HDMI cable is not damaged/bent or broken also check the connecting pins on both ends of the cable is not broken/damaged. The next step will be to change the cable or try another external device or another TV set

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