Why does my device freeze constantly?

If your device freezes or hangs, you may need to close programs or reset the device to regain functionality.

If this does not solve the problem, perform a factory data reset. In Idle mode, open the application list and select Settings → Privacy → Factory data reset → Reset phone→ Delete all.

To physically factory reset the phone:

  • Remove the battery, and then replace the battery.
  • While holding down the ‘down’ volume button press the power button, keep the volume button held until you see and android being unpacked out of a box.
  • Press the home button when you the warning triangle
  • Depending on your needs select the correct option using the volume buttons and the menu button to select.

Reminder: Please backup your contacts and SMS to your Memory card before resetting the phone. Factory data reset will erase all your personal information in the mobile phone.

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