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How do I install the base stand?
Make sure all accessories are in the box:
  • The stand
  • Base connector
  • Screws

You will need a screwdriver (Star) to connect the base stand to TV.

Why doesn't my remote control the TV?
  • It could be a fault of the TV set Or the remote control
  • It is easy to test the remote control than the TV set

Note* Make sure to check that the batteries are working and that they are properly installed.

The easy way to test the remote control‘s infra-red LED is working or not, You would need to have a digital camera / camera phone to do the test.

Switch on the camera and face the remote control (LED side) to the camera lens and press the button on the remote control you will get the infra-red LED lighting up on the camera screen.

Test all the buttons and if they all are working then it would mean that the sensor on the TV set is not working or you could possibly have the wrong remote.

Why won’t my TV switch on?
  • Check if the power cable is connected to the TV set and to the mains (wall).
  • Check if the mains are switched ON.
  • Check the ON/OFF switch underneath the TV set is switched ON (If on you should get the standby light switched on)
Why does my TV switch off after some time?

This could be because the sleep mode has been selected / activated.

To deactivate the sleep mode press the Sleep Button on the remote control – and select off mode.

You have different sleep time options – 10 / 20 /30 / 60 / 90 / 120 / 180 / 240 minutes and the OFF function.

If there is no signal to the TV set for 15 minutes then the TV set will automatically switch off.

Why is there no picture on my TV?

Many inputs on a TV set means that more than one external device can be connected at the same time. e.g.: DVD, Blu-ray, decoders ETC…

Most of the time customers do not select the correct input source. e.g.: DVD player is connected on AV1 and the customer selects any other input beside AV1, they will not get any picture on the screen.

To select the input – Press source and select the correct input. E.g. AV1, AV2, HDMI1, HDMI2, ETC. If you on TV mode the tuned in channel need to be selected. EG CH1, CH2, CH3, ETC.

If still no picture is on the TV set – Check input and if external device is connected correctly and is switched ON.

If the customer uses TV (input) they would need to tune in the TV channels. When the TV set is switched OFF and ON – it will go to the last viewed channel.

Note: If the AV, HDMI input is selected and you press menu the TUNING option cannot be selected.

If all above is correct and still faulty, the TV set SHOULD BE BOOKED WITH THE NEAREST HISENSE SERVICE CENTRE

How to connect AV, HDMI, VGA, Component and SCART?

connectAVDiagramLet's take a DVD / Blu-Ray player with HDMI, AV, VGA, Component and SCART outputs.

HOW TO CONNECT AV - Connect yellow from external device to TV set for picture. Choose the correct AV channel – Note the AUDIO LEFT and RIGHT out needs to be connected to the Input of the TV set.

If there is a 5.1 CHANNEL OUTPUT on the DVD / Blu-Ray player then the AUDIO (FL & FR) must be connected.

HDMI – HDMI is a single cable that transmits Audio and Video together from the external device to the TV set.

VGA – from the external device to the TV set only picture will be displayed – to receive sound you will need a 3.5mm stereo jack connect from the external device to the TV set.

COMPONENT connections – Consists of three COLOURS RED, GREEN & BLUE. This will only carry picture to get sound you will need 3.5mm mini input jack. If any of the colours are mixed or swopped – the picture will be Black & White / Rolling picture / no picture / etc.

How do I connect my TV to an Amplifier

On the Hisense TV sets there is a Digital Coaxial audio output available on the side of the TV set (Colour of the jack is dark Orange) – Cable can be a single RCA cable.

If a customer has a digital Amplifier / Receiver with the Digital coaxial input then they can connect the digital coaxial output from the TV set to the AMP / REC to get the sound from the TV set – cable can be a single RCA cable.

If the customer is using the RF (antenna) to get the signal to the TV set then they could also make use of the headphone socket on the side of the TV set to get the sound out from the TV set to the REC / AMP – cable can be a 3.5mm stereo to two RCA or 3.5mm stereo to 3.5mm stereo (depend on external device)

Note if this option is used then the customer will not get any sound from the TV speakers

If the customer does not have the digital coaxial input on the AMP or REC and they have a satellite receiver, to receive the signal to the TV set. Then they would need to connect the audio out from the satellite decoder to the AMP / REC to get sound – Two RCA to Two RCA Cable.

You can also get audio out from the TV set by AV (RCA) audio out to the amplifier AUX or AV in.

How do I play my media via usb?

Plug in the USB/External HDD. Side or bottom back of the TV set.

Press source and Select DMP (Last option) or select/press DMP button on the remote control.

TV will display USB interface on the screen. You will be able to select Movie / Music / Photo, and then select the content you would like to play

Note*USB system supports FAT32 and NTFS file formats

Why do I get distorted sound or picture on TV mode?

If you pick up the signal / channels and the sound has a buzzing noise – this is a sound setting change that is needed. The sound needs to be changed to “I”.

If you pick up the signal / channels and the picture is in black and White / ETC - this is a colour setting change that is needed. The colour needs to be changed to “PAL”.

Why is my picture not working on HD?
  • Swap the existing cable with a “known-good” working cable.
  • Remove any HDMI switch boxes / repeaters and try connecting directly.
  • Restart the TV and external device in this order to force a new HDCP query from the external device. Sometimes the (connecting points – top left), Hotplug detect scheme doesn't work properly.
  • As a last resort, swap / flip the cable around. (connect the side from the TV to the external device and side from external device to the TV set). Sometimes the HDMI cable gives a defect that causes it to be "directional.

Note*There are a lot of different types of HDMI cables and they all can affect the picture displayed a TV screen. The first thing to do when the picture is not clear / no picture and there is a HDMI cable connected from external device to the TV set (lines on screen/no/picture/colour/white spots/etc.)Check if HDMI cable is not damaged/bent or broken also check the connecting pins on both ends of the cable is not broken/damaged. The next step will be to change the cable or try another external device or another TV set

Why do I get a split image on 3D TV Screen?

If you are receiving a split image on you TV screen. This will mean that the content that is being played is in 3D, so you would need to put the TV set on 3D mode. To put the TV set on 3D mode:

  • Press menu
  • Go to option
  • Select 3D type.

Depending on the 3D content type played on the TV set, the progressive options will give you the best 3D experience

How to connect TV to the internet using a LAN cable
How to connect to the internet using wireless

Hisense recommends using IEEE 802.11N router


The Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) is a network protocol used to configure devices that are connected to a network (known as hosts) so they can communicate on that network using the Internet Protocol (IP).

Note*With any other support information contact the Hisense service center 0860-hisense (4473673)

How to setup the internet connection

You can set up the connection Auto or manual:






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