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Social Responsibility


Promoting public welfare, respecting our differences and discovering our similarities across the world.

Hisense believes that Social Responsibility is the foundation to becoming a respected global brand. Our associates and our customers come from around the world. We believe, to be successful, it is our responsibility to conduct our business ethically and with a high degree of sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic and environmental issues. We also believe in supporting our local communities to make the world a better place.

E-Waste & Sustainability

Hisense cares about preserving our environment for future generations. We develop innovative products that grow our brand footprint while at the same time decrease our carbon footprint.

Electronic Waste: Hisense's disposal of electronic waste (e-waste) adheres to regulations in the support of a greener environment for generations to come.

Energy Efficient Products: Hisense utilizes the latest technology to develop low energy consuming products out of materials that are safer for the environment.

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